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Hug day wishes Hugs Day is celebrated on the 12th of July and how you can skip celebrating Happy hug dayYes, Go and hug your love/wife/husband/friend and let them know how much you love and care for him/her. Hug day is the true sign of showing your endless love towards your friends, beloveds or even your relatives. 
Hug your beloved tight and make them feel special and on top of the world. Hug day is meant not just for the love birds but even for those who have parted ways. You can once again reconcile with your ex on this day by hugging them and spending the rest of valentine week with one another. If you are away from your love ones and unable to hug him/her then don't worry you can send a Hug Day quotes. We have a collection of really good Hug Day Messages to send as a Hug Day Wishes. So what are you waiting for just go through our collection of Hug Day SMS and pick one of your choice and send it to dear ones to let him/her feel special on this Hug Day. By the way Happy Hug Day to all of you. 

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a big warm hug

Hug Day wishes:-

These were some of the best Happy Hug day wishes  and Happy Hug Day quotes  which you can send to your friends, girlfriend, boyfriend, first love, husband or wife. 

Do you know�

There is one gift which can't be given

without taking it back�
That is why I give you hug
which can't be giving without taking it back.
Happy Hug Day !

No matter where you are
I'll always find my way to?
Hug you tight and shower you with my kisses.
I love only you!
Have a Nice Hug Day.

What the heart gives away is never gone,
but kept in the hearts of others,
from dusk to dawn.
Hug Day you from the core of my heart.

Koi kahe isse Jadu ki Jhappi,
Koi kahe isse pyar..
Mauka khoobsurat,
Aa Gale Lagja mere yaar..
Happy Hug Day !
Bole toh
Hug Day Mubarak !

Hug Day SMS and Messages:-

Below are some of the best hug day  sms and messages you might like. Happy Hug day friends!!! Below are some of the Happy Hug day sms for friend. Hug day sms for wife Hug day sms for love :-

*** Let Me Live And Die In Your Arms.
Just Like This, Let Me Continue To Love You.
Let Me Live And Die In Your Arms.
Happy Hug day!!!

***Cutest proposal ever by a boy of 5th standard-Boy- Do you hug ur teddy bear while sleeping at night??Gal- Yes!Boy- Can I replace it for the rest of ur life??

*** Love Me
Hold Me
Kiss Me
Hug Me
In Your Arms I Feel So Great!!!

*** Do You Know?
There Is One Gift Which Can’t Be Given
Without Taking It Back…
That Is Why I Give You Hug
Which Can’t Be Giving Without Taking It Back.
Happy Hug Day!!

*** Never Wait Until 2mrrow To
Hug Someone You Could Hug 2day
Coz When You Give One You
Get One Right Back Your Way.
Happy Hug Day!

*** No Matter Where You Are
I’ll Always Find My Way To - 
Hug You Tight And Shower You With My Kisses!!!
Happy Hug Day!

*** A Hug Is Just A Hug Till U Find The 1 U're Always Thinking Of.

*** Gift For You My Sweet heart,
Little Warm
And Little Cozy..
Here Is The Gift..
My Sweet Hug To You!

*** 1 2,
I Love You,
3 4
Love Me More,
5 6
Give Me Kiss,
7 8
Don’t Be Late,
9 10
Hug Me Then

*** You Cant Wrap Love In A Box,
But U Can Wrap A Person In A Hug.
A Hug Charms, Warms
And Makes Everyone Happy!!!
That Must Be Why God Gave Us Arms.
So Here Is A Hug 4 You.

Hug Day Quotes:-

Below are some of the best Happy Hug day wishes and quotes which all might like and you can send these to your girlfriend, boyfriend, first love or anyone else you love or like:-

“Love is a circular emotion that surrounds you, like a hug. Or a noose.” 

"I Hug you more today than I did yesterday, but not as much as I will tomorow.

Every day is Hug Day 4 us."

“I didn’t tackle him. I gave him a flying hug. Sometimes love is up in the air until it hits you.” 

“Love is a peaceful feeling, like a flower hugging a butterfly.” 

“I had embraced you...
long before i hugged you.” 

“Hug while you can.” 

“i want to 
stay curled and cosied
and chocolated....forever
in my mother’s arms.” 

“May we embrace one another with love, a smile and a warm hug?” 

“Hug me.
Hug me.
Hug me.” 


The most beautiful stones adorn my neck
Like an Ancient Egyptian collar.
Two glistening balls of onyx sit on top
Followed by a double stretch of coral.
At the center is a lapis heart,
Deeper in color than the Red Sea waters
And I am so grateful for this heavenly gift
This precious necklace is
My daughter.” 

These were some of the best Happy Hug day messages, sms ,Images which you can send to your loved ones. This was the best collection I could present to you, if you want anymore do let us know, we will provide everything related to Happy Hug day 2016

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